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  • General Boo-regard!
    1982 days ago

    This is the Monument to Gen. Beauregard. He is interred nearby in Metairie Cemetery.

  • Devoe Sponsor
    1983 days ago

    Nothing says, “We’re a grass-roots movement from the soul of the neighborhood and a community coming together to keep a…

  • Climbing Pathos
    1984 days ago

    This is a climbing species of Philodendron (or Pathos) making its way up an Oak tree. There is significant differentiation…

  • General Pershing
    1985 days ago

    Above: 2008 This is a little house on General Pershing St. in which I lived very briefly in 1999. The…

  • Petrol Plantation
    1986 days ago

    Here’s the problem in a nutshell. This picture is from one of my most treasured books, Richard Sexton’s Vestiges  of…

  • Little Reminders
    1987 days ago

    By Spring of 2006, much of uptown had been cleaned up pretty well. The bigger emergencies had been tended to…

  • Jefferson Fire Company No. 22 Crypt
    1988 days ago

    The Jefferson Fire Company No. 22 crypt is one of four or five firemen group tombs in Lafayette Cemetery No.…

  • Not Banksy
    1989 days ago

    I’m sure you’ve noticed in your town that stencil graffiti has become rather popular. There is master stencil graffiti artist…

  • Cypress Knees
    1990 days ago

    These upward-pointing projections are called Cypress Knees. They are jealous little things that will punish you for giving too much…

  • St. Vincent’s Guest House / Infant Asylum
    1991 days ago

    The St. Vincent Guesthouse is a hotel created from an ancient Orphanage. Many simply refer to it as “The Orphanage”.…

  • 1798 Map of New Orleans
    1992 days ago

    It’s easy to forget that you are in a swamp in New Orleans Proper.  Don’t. Like everywhere else, most of…

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