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  • Colored Letterbox
    1620 days ago

    I consider myself not merely a man of letters, but a colorful man of letters. Few people write me letters.…

  • Butter Lamb Day, Our High Holy Day
    1627 days ago

    This grave marker was made from the same cast as the original Butter Lamb, created in New Orleans. I know…

  • City Chickens
    1628 days ago

    News stories about feral chickens in New Orleans are trending this month. The non-feral pets are becoming more popular  as…

  • Storm Bolts
    1632 days ago

    Look closely around the windows of well-to-do homes and businesses and you may see bolts around the windows.  These are…

  • NOLA Priorities
    1634 days ago

    Definitely sign up for DirecTV before enabling sunlight to come though your window. It’s just gonna heat the place up…

  • Prytania Vic Back
    1636 days ago

    This is the back of the Victorian at Prytania & Marengo (one of my favorite NOLA houses). I’d like to…

  • French Quarter Muck
    1641 days ago

    When you read New Orleans tourism guides and they talk about the Vieux Carré being like a “European” city, what…

  • Metal Snail
    1645 days ago


  • Reading Radio’s Parrot Nest
    1648 days ago

    This nest was built by a feral Quaker Parrot (or Monk Parakeet-See 27Jan11 post). Quakers are the only parrots that…

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