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  • October 2005
    1799 days ago

    Note: I have pretty much not viewed any “Katrina-5” shows during this last week, except for Spike Lee's excellent post-Katrina…

  • A Short Pause
    1802 days ago

    I will upload my thoughts on Katrina 5 later Friday night. I had to take a "mental" break last night…

  • Monday, August 29, 2005
    1803 days ago

    I woke up early again, at 5am-ish, deep with anxiety about where the storm would make landfall. Everyone was still…

  • Saturday, August 27, 2005
    1804 days ago

    I woke up early Saturday morning to see the NOAA 5am projections. The Storm was heading 30 by 90. It…

  • Friday, August 26, 2005
    1805 days ago

    As the week progressed settling into school, I also had a show to do at WWOZ. I had moved my…

  • Monday, August 21, 2005
    1806 days ago

    One week before the 5th year anniversary of Katrina.....I want to chronicle my thoughts during this week leading up to…

  • Going “Suburban”
    1816 days ago

    OK—I must admit, Susan and I have “officially” gone “Suburban” as of last night. I can come up with a…

  • Harley Dude
    1822 days ago

    Summers in Central Texas bring intense “hair dryer” heat that occasionally get relieved by brief but torrential rains. It is…

  • Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong
    1825 days ago

    As New Orleans prepares for it's 10th Annual Satchmofest, it is fitting that today's birthdays include not just Satchmo but…

  • A Night And Day of Cleanup
    1826 days ago

    Since coming back to Texas, I have been busy completing Susan's "honey-do" list. I'll post my blog on Tuesday night.

  • The New Normal--Day One
    1827 days ago

    The "New Normal"--I heard this term a few times while in New Orleans. You get a sense that there are…

  • New Orleans Thoughts
    1828 days ago

    As I begin packing to head back to Texas, I have a few thoughts and reflections about these wonderful two…

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