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  • Embrace the Blur.
    1772 days ago

    I couldn’t have said it better. A French Quarter wedding second line, New Orleans, LA Noted by exbestfriend in response…

  • A Marigny Moment
    1773 days ago

    A Marigny moment, reblogged from NOLAlicious Newsletter #45. Download as a wallpaper for your computer, iPhone or iPad. A Marigny…

  • Photos: TribeCon 2010
    1777 days ago

    Highlighted photos from TribeCon 2010, The Community Conference, held October 28, 2010 in New Orleans, LA. More photos on Facebook…

  • To the gatekeepers go the spoils.
    1778 days ago

    A comment applying the ideas from Wired’s “The Web is Dead, Long Live the Internet” article to the photography industry.…

  • Back.
    1778 days ago

    I’m back from Ghana. And I’ve got 26 GB of photos and videos to sift through, edit, curate and sort…

  • See you November 22
    1794 days ago

    Off to Ghana, see you November 22. Sliver, Bacchanal, New Orleans, LA Thank you, everyone, for all your pointers and…

  • Email Never Died. NOLAlicious, TribeCon 2010, and Building Communities.
    1794 days ago

    A summary of the talk I gave at TribeCon, October 28, 2010, about NOLAlicious entitled “Email Never Died. How to…

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