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    2201 days ago

    NOW is the time for all good architects, preservationists and active citizens to come to the aid of the Wheatley…

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    2205 days ago

    Who, on this upcoming Day of Atonement, will be sealed in the Book of Life this way?Just guess when it…

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    2206 days ago

    There are many, many people in this town who will not like the analogy I am going to put forth…

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    2208 days ago

    No matter how much Advance Internet tries, they still haven't made as user-friendly, idiot-proof, and bigot-proof as it still…

  • Untitled
    2209 days ago

    As my grandpa says on hearing such things:Oy vey iz mir!G-Bitch asks what the equivalent of a pay-as-you-go Catholic is…

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    2211 days ago

    Time MachineThe Cafe Du Monde in the 40's looks so tranquil...It was definitely another world.

  • Untitled
    2212 days ago

    Another potential school renovation site will be biting the dust:More pictures of the moldering Hoffman site at 2622 Prieur can…

  • Untitled
    2213 days ago

    May you live in an interesting age.I don't care who said it.It's simply hitting me, for the first time, how…

  • Untitled
    2214 days ago

    The fish had been passed on to my friends Justin and Justine before their owners left town. The fish owners…

  • Untitled
    2215 days ago

    Dear Parents,If you are not 30 years old or younger it is mandatory that you read this book:Growing Up Digital…

  • Untitled
    2218 days ago

    click on the image to enlargeOhm Sweet Ohm, by Simon Pattersonpowered by:Just contemplating the fundamental interconnectedness of all things and…

  • Untitled
    2220 days ago

    Eight years ago today, I was working glass using the two thousand degree-plus heat of a glory hole, listening in…

  • Untitled
    2222 days ago

    What region am I talking about when I talk about the following?:For there to be real, lasting change in the…

  • Untitled
    2223 days ago

    Please...somebody...tell me how objectionable the President's remarks are going to be come tomorrow. I mean, is this hold-your-hands-over-the-little-one's-ears-and-eyes sort of…

  • Untitled
    2224 days ago

    Everybody have a happy, safe Labor Day. Put away those white shoes and get out the winter whites.Trust me on…

  • Untitled
    2227 days ago

    You know, too many are bandying Hurricane Katrina about as a metaphor these days....comparing this, that, and the other situation…

  • Untitled
    2228 days ago

    September has sprung, and the little guy is into his second full week of first grade. The expectations are different,…

  • Untitled
    2230 days ago

    Big thanks to Big Red for the vid, and big thanks to Save Charity Hospital for keeping this issue alive.And…

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