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    1735 days ago

    No, no, no.The incivility. It burns. Must. Go. Vote.  For relief of my symptoms.But, for true relief of all of…

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    1738 days ago

    Twit Bits, or One Heck of a SaturdayClifton611: Stacy Head is now on the Sewerage and Water Board. That means…

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    1740 days ago

    From ArchDaily's post on this video.  Thanks to @seymourdfair for posting the link on Twitter.

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    1741 days ago

    I think of folks like Moe Tucker getting in line with the Tea Party, and I think that maybe God…

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    1744 days ago

    Big, huge thanks to the revamped Bark, Bugs, Leaves and Lizards - and, specifically, TomT - for the animation below.…

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    1744 days ago

    I'm still poring over this Orion magazine article by Terry Tempest Williams.  There's a lot in there, as she made…

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    1748 days ago

    On this mahvelous Sci Fri, I must show off...Our kick-butt citrine homemade geode.  Ain't it just the coolest?Confession: I am…

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    1749 days ago

    Do yourselves a huge favor if you love your community, New Orleanians.I got into an extended rant on Twitter when…

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    1750 days ago

    It's nearing the end of fall break for the kiddo, and the living with him is quite the adventure.Best way…

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    1753 days ago

    The music is what keeps me going sometimes when nothing else will.It gets tough to figure out what to share,…

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    1755 days ago

    I ran into it many times - and still do - over the course of all this time I've been…

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    1756 days ago

    It seems Brentin Mock's Newsweek article has vanished from the magazine's site...but that's the thing about anything that's been online…

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    1758 days ago

    Zev Chafets' Members of the Tribe starts off with an anecdote told to him by members of a congregation that…

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    1759 days ago

    Humid City SupplementalSome of what you all missed this past Saturday:More at my YouTube channel here.Keep contributing to the Galmon…

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