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    1679 days ago

    The results are in on my son's Dubya project survey, and the majority of you said it was best for…

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    1680 days ago

    In homage to Leslie Nielsen, who passed away yesterday, I give you the following from one of my favorite shows.…

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    1683 days ago

    Not only is the voting still open on the Dubya project poll, but I'm kicking off the Hostilidays, because what…

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    1687 days ago

    Aside from a nifty CNN special on Jonestown blaring at the airport as we boarded our connecting flight and my…

  • Untitled
    1689 days ago

    Well, the water didn't run dry last night, but the power went out at the East Bank Sewerage and Water…

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    1691 days ago

    This takes stainless steel ovaries in this day and age...It's former assistant secretary of ed and author of The Death…

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    1694 days ago

    It is absolutely mind-blowing that this is my thousandth post over here.  The last time I stuck with something for…

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    1696 days ago

    WHOA, there.  Education talk will be heating up.G-Bitch has the details on the federal class action lawsuit filed against the…

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    1697 days ago

    This link from the Cowen Institute appeared in the comments this morning addressing the concerns voiced in the previous post.…

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    1699 days ago

    After I steadied myself with a couple of beers at a local watering hole following Diane Ravitch's talk at Dillard…

  • Untitled
    1700 days ago

    Dan really seemed to enjoy his birthday this year, despite the present he got from the city of New Orleans…

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    1704 days ago

    Amid the preparations for the celebration of my husband's 39th birthday this coming Sunday (and next Saturday - couldn't do…

  • Untitled
    1706 days ago

    I managed to hop on and off the First Draft Crack Van a few times last night, and, aside from…

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    1706 days ago

    HousekeepingYes, all my links have disappeared.  Blogrolling, with whom I'd been keeping them, ceased operations just a few days ago,…

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    1708 days ago

    I'm just tired.I look at what my husband has left for me in and around the sink and I want…

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