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    1743 days ago

    From Ray in Exile, December 20, 2010:Betty Ann Davis, RIP.Betts, who was my friend and who was Morwen Madrigal's long-time…

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    1744 days ago

    For some exploration of the possible origins of the Saints-Falcons rivalry, head here and read Bob Krieger's meditation on it,…

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    1745 days ago

    Just when I thought we were done...This morning, I heard some tapping of metal outside, and the little guy thought…

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    1748 days ago

    If I'd grown up with Christmas traditions such as this one......perhaps I wouldn't be the Jewish broad I am today.…

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    1752 days ago

    We're all closing in on this Christian and consumerist nation's favorite holiday.  Peace on Earth, goodwill toward one's fellow human…

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    1755 days ago

    Humid City has my message to all those affected by recent crimes.  Be careful out there in the 7th and…

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    1757 days ago

    Looking for hostilidays YouTubes relating to Hannukah has gotten harder as the years go by.  I can't decide if it's…

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    1758 days ago

    So while I'm waiting for Part 2 of Dambala's reportage on the current real estate pickle this town is in,…

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    1758 days ago

    Check it out.  Dambala's been up to a hell of a lot:On October 26th, the Orleans Parish Clerk of Court…

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    1758 days ago

    You'll have to excuse me, but I've never been one for histrionics about aging (like at 1:30 here).  Aging is…

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    1760 days ago

    How is it that the fantastically frum reggae-tinged rapper Matisyahu can rock it despite Antiochus' temptations:...yet mess it up when…

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    1764 days ago

    Things have been hectic.  Stuff has been happening.  Computer access has been limited through a series of unfortunate cyber events.…

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    1771 days ago

    Stand back...if you can watch this all the way through, you're stronger than I:Happy Hannukah, everybody.

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