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    2020 days ago

    New York States of Mind:On the plus side, I haven't heard a word of 1010 WINS since I've been here.......BUT…

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    2022 days ago

    Yowza! 'Tis the season for the following, indeed....A note of explanation first: On Passover, we sing a song of praise…

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    2026 days ago

    I chide the non-Jewish members of the NOLA blogpocheh on occasion about how non-kosher their food choices - and even…

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    2030 days ago

    From It Came From Memphis:Alex Chilton is a musician looking into the future, haunted by a following wrapped up in…

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    2031 days ago

    It's filming close to my workplace even as I write this.Chances are, if you're living in New Orleans, it's brought…

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    2033 days ago

    For Oyster, that treif thing, it inspired an earworm.For me, it called to mind some recent reading:Jamail knew enough of…

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    2035 days ago

    (Nordette asked me the other day if I could pass on some reminiscences of when my husband entered a certain…

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    2035 days ago

    Just because

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    2037 days ago

    'Scuse me, just connecting some education dots....G inspired me to dig a little, so allow me to share:Exhibit A: Lafayette…

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    2039 days ago

    You'd think they wouldn't have a damned thing to do with each other, but you'd be thinking wrong.Offbeat magazine stepped…

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    2042 days ago

    Pictures don't do it justice. Descriptions have been written about it ad nauseum and still don't get to the heart…

  • Untitled
    2043 days ago

    So I've got something up at Humid City that encompasses most of the education links that have come my way…

  • Untitled
    2045 days ago

    There's decay and deterioration all around...But there are people here who are trying to do good things. Decay and deterioration…

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    2047 days ago

    Well, after a lovely Purim celebration of the day when Esther, queen of Persia, saved the Jewish people from becoming…

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