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    1892 days ago

    Ah, the moments of incongruity, the times when one wants to keep the outside world at bay for just a…

  • Untitled
    1893 days ago

    From Toulouse Street, a poetic requiem for the Deepwater Horizon Eleven and the wildlife affected by the oil disaster:And, from…

  • Untitled
    1896 days ago

    I come home from a schlep up to the Jewish sleep-away camp my son attended for ten days and loved…

  • Untitled
    1898 days ago

    I can't decide if Edie is blessed or cursed with her insatiable curiosity concerning disasters. Her need to know can…

  • Untitled
    1899 days ago

    Register, register, register, all!Rising Tide V has a when and a where. August 28th, at the Howlin' Wolf on South…

  • Untitled
    1903 days ago

    In which I go off...a few times.In a recent email to my grandpa, who asked how the BP oil disaster…

  • Untitled
    1906 days ago

    The filtering I've imposed on myself concerning Gulf oil disaster news is doing well by me, for the most part.…

  • Untitled
    1907 days ago

    When we first learned that some Jewish organizations were giving sizable grants to first-time sleep-away campers a few months ago,…

  • Untitled
    1910 days ago

    From the article Two-State Dissonance by Gershom Gorenberg:What strikes me as I listen to the family fight between the hawkish…

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    1911 days ago

    vacation*Pronunciation: \ v?-?k?-sh?n, v?- \ Function: nounEtymology: Middle English vacacioun, from Anglo-French vacacion, from Latin vacation-, vacatio freedom, exemption, from…

  • Untitled
    1911 days ago

    It's the 100th birthday today of Chester Arthur Burnett, who sang one of my favorite blues songs once upon a…

  • Untitled
    1913 days ago

    Back From Travel Quick Notes:Picked up a copy of this magazine at a nice cafe in New Mexico and read…

  • Untitled
    1915 days ago

    Apologies for the lack of posting lately. Been on a road trip to a dry climate state - more on…

  • Untitled
    1919 days ago

    For a person like me who hasn't been watching much TV lately, seems there's been a lot of good visual…

  • Untitled
    1920 days ago

    Ian Hoch's speech at the protest this past Sunday in Jackson Square, via Levees Not War:Good on all the folks…

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