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    1830 days ago

    Our Day of Remembrance

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    1832 days ago

    Judging from the pictures and testimonies in NOLAFemmes excellent Katrina Photo Project, recovery from a trauma such as the destruction…

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    1833 days ago

    I wasn't there. I was up north, where we lived at the time...but I knew how serious it was when…

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    1834 days ago

    I've got food on the brain, I do. One will find that most people in this city do.This year, Rising…

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    1835 days ago

    So it seems no one took yesterday's Rising Tide contest question too seriously, as, from what I could tell from…

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    1836 days ago

    This week marks the homestretch to an important anniversary that many of us who blog away like crazies at the…

  • Untitled
    1838 days ago

    Most impending 8/29/05 commemorations haven't done to me what this one is doing this year. My brain seems to have…

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    1839 days ago

    And then, amid all my frazzle today, comes some great great news via Athenae:So there was a mix-up at the…

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    1839 days ago

    Been working away on the printed programs for this year's Rising Tide Conference so that I don't have to do…

  • Untitled
    1842 days ago

    "Where is the oil?"I'll tell you where the oil is. Via links on Twitter and through the Blog of New…

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    1845 days ago

    Confession time:I'm a sucker for most of Athenae's Weekend Question Threads over at First Draft, and this weekend's question is…

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    1848 days ago

    On our way to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, I got a call from Edie."Drew Brees is signing his…

  • Untitled
    1849 days ago

    In the next few weeks, we come upon some fateful national anniversaries. And, for me, some spiritual ones.I spend the…

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    1852 days ago

    So the organizers of Rising Tide - the men in the group - have been going gaga over this video…

  • Untitled
    1853 days ago

    Our exit from Alaska was a whirlwind. We squeezed a visit to the University of Alaska - Fairbanks' Museum of…

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    1855 days ago

    Alaska Journal7-13-2010Swaying gently on the train to Fairbanks right now, so I'm stealing some writing time while Dan and the…

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    1856 days ago

    It's incredibly stupid and idiotic that the following must be said, but here it is:The oil in the Gulf of…

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    1856 days ago

    Alaska Journal7-12-2010We are the ones the people like the lady driving the shuttle bus to the Denali Princess were warned…

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    1857 days ago

    Alaska Journal7-11-2010Ah, the traveling family - we drive, we take a train, take some pictures, take in the sights...and then,…

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