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    1835 days ago

    Sent to me by a friend through the email today:Illustrated by John Krause for this Washington Post articleReally, it's exactly…

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    1838 days ago

    It's amazing, the places you can go when you are following someone through Twitter.  Case in point: I started following…

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    1841 days ago

    Of all the troubles Jefferson Parish has been having (throughout its history and) lately, this one is pretty damn bad.…

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    1844 days ago

    Time to Make the Sukkah...  Parts is parts 'til they make a temporary hutThough I'm no fortune teller, I do…

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    1846 days ago

    The jacks are all-purpose, and so very important in the realm of hot glassworking. Their bronzed blades can shape glass bubbles…

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    1849 days ago

    The camera images look sort of wavy, but it seems yesterday a tornado ripped through the park where I used…

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    1853 days ago

    I've been lugging around a couple of library books over the past few months, one of which I've already finished,…

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    1854 days ago

    ...for a number of reasons right now...but it's reading stuff like this that gives me hope.

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    1855 days ago

    Just skip to 2:50 in the video below.For the record, the "some of New Orleans' finest" Bob Costas was referring…

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    1858 days ago

    Okay, via @giobigez's Tumblr comes a little fun Yiddishe style at the fact that the kickoff to the NFL's regular…

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    1860 days ago

    It's stuff like this cropping up in print media that makes me think it will die hard...Page A-6 of today's…

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    1862 days ago

    The books are piling up. There's dead blooms on my floors that were tracked in from us walking through our…

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