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Rudy can't fail... for laughs

April 6th, 2010

After courting Gov. Charlie Crist as part of his brilliant “Florida Strategy” in 2008, Rudy Giuliani’s team was steamed when Crist changed his mind and endorsed McCain at the last minute. So yesterday Rudy went back to Florida to endorse… Marco Rubio, Crist’s GOP opponent for U.S. Senate. After fluffing Rubio for standing “up for freedom” and “up to terrorists”, Giuliani said “When Marco gives you his word, he keeps it”.

So that’s the subtext there.

Let’s not forget a couple things. First, Senator Vitter endorsed Rudy Giuliani in 2008. Despite Rudy being “hard on guns and soft on gays” (by GOP standards), Vitty-cent was won over by sheer political ambition his belief that Rudy would make great appointments to the courts. Heh. That still makes me laugh. Vitter had this confidence, despite Rudy advising Pres. Bush to nominate Bernard Kerik to be the head of Homeland Security. Kerik initially refused the job[!], and the White House called him back and told him to reconsider.

Kerik was the one who juggled extra-marital affairs in a Manhattan apartment overlooking Ground Zero that was “supposed to be for the use of exhausted 9/11 workers”. Nice. He’s also been involved in bribery, tax fraud and umpteen other scandals. Kerik pleaded guilty to eight felonies, and was recently sentenced to 4 years in prison. In other words, he was a monumentally horrible choice to be Czar of Homeland Security. Yet despite this disasterous recommendation, Rudy still goes around acting like his endorsements should be respected. “America’s Mayor” wanted Kerik to protect the Homeland and Vitter to chair the southern region of his Presidential campaign. Now he’s endorsing some dude named Rubio because Crist screwed him over in 2008— take a break, Rudy!

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