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A new week, a fresh NOLAlicious Newsletter and a new NOLAlicious website

May 11th, 2010

A new week of great things to do in New Orleans, a new week of opportunity. And, of course, another fresh NOLAlicious newsletter. Sign up to get the free email newsletter every Tuesday.

Sloane broke the news today, an exciting day for NOLAlicious: a new website based on a refocused, clearer idea of the opportunities and challenges.

When I first announced NOLAlicious back in January, I’m not sure I thought it would exist like it does today. NOLAlicious, of course, is a free weekly email newsletter created with collaborators (and fellow new-to-New Orleans residents) Sloane Berrent and Carl Nelson. We give you five things to do, eat and see around town every week, through the eye of the tourist and the soul of native. We created NOLAlicious because as new residents of New Orleans, dedicated adventurers and “experience creators” we knew we’d be digging into New Orleans as much as possible, and we wanted to find a way to share what we found with our friends, family and fellow lovers-of-all-things New Orleans.

The response was been amazing.

But I’m also amazed at what I’ve learned. Personally, both of my collaborators are inspirations to me every day. Professionally, I’ve learned a lot through working with both Sloane and Carl. Producing, delivering and socializing a newsletter and engaging with the community every week has taught me a lot of things. We’ve learned a lot through our errors and successes; we’ve changed a bit of the website or the newsletter almost every week based on hunches and solid data, and the continual tweaking has helped us learn the ins-and-outs very fast. Even though NOLAlicious is only a side project, there’s a case study here in what we’ve learned and how we’ve learned it, a case study relevant for all entrepreneurs.

One day, we’ll write that case study. But until then, we’ll keep sending a newsletter every week. If you’re in New Orleans, sign up to get suggestions and previews of events around town. And if you’re not in New Orleans, sign up to get a bit of New Orleans in your inbox every Tuesday, from us to you.

And if you’re in New Orleans, join us at a Rebuild Day with St. Bernard Project on Friday, May 28th. RSVP on Facebook

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