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Bring it ON!

May 14th, 2010

Via Suspect Device, we learn

A group representing big industry in Louisiana that contends actions by the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic drive jobs from the state has recommended to its members to stop all corporate donations to the university and cease recruiting its students.

With one of the biggest man-made environmental disasters looming off our coast, Big Industry is targeting students and faculty for successfully using proper and legal channels to decrease… pollution. The Chemical Brothers and Big Oil are going after the biggest private employer in New Orleans… in the name of jobs.

Wow. Not since they offered a vinegar sponge to The Crucified has there been a more hideous display of gall on a stick.

James Gill admirably crushed these bastages a couple days ago:

®ight now, with oil lapping our shores, nobody in Louisiana would be idiot enough to advance [the proposition that a clean environment is bad for the state].

Well, nobody outside the state Legislature. A Senate committee… is scheduled to consider a bill filed on behalf of oil and chemical companies that want the freedom to poison our air and water without further interference from the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic.

The bill deserves to be junked not just for the benefit of the clinic’s students and their impoverished clients but for anyone else who doubts that economic development requires anti-pollution laws to be ignored.

There is no doubt that is what the oil and chemical lobby believes. [State Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton] says he filed the bill because Tulane had provoked the ire of industry by filing lawsuits, including one to enforce clean air regulations in Baton Rouge.

Enforce clean air regs… heaven forfend! What will these eco-terrorists do next, advocate for clean water?

And as far as Sen. Robert Adley being the industry shill who filed the bill— no big surprise there. When Adley’s not protecting the interests of Big Polluters from Tulane’s meddling student lawyers, he’s unethically interfering with contracts for the benefit of himself and Enron and scuttling “glass pockets” ethics reform legislation. What a guy.

I dare “business-minded” organizations and anti-environment conservatives and libertarians to line up behind this incredibly stupid proposal. True colors will never be clearer.

[Tulane President Scott] Cowen called the [Louisiana Chemical Association’s] strategy “unprecedented” and “embarrassing” for the association and its leadership.

I have nothing but mclovin for Scott Cowen on this issue. Stand firm, but wear a cup. These guys are hitting below the belt.

According to the letter, the chemical association also plans to complain about the clinic to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Surely, our Rhodes Scholar science major Governor isn’t stupid enough to support this vulgar display of corporate vindictiveness. Surely. If this gang thinks now’s the time to make the case that environmentalists and lawyers are killing business in this state, all I can say is: BRING IT ON, F-MOOKS.

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