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May 23rd, 2010  1 Comments

I’m excited to see the new bikes lanes on Gentilly Blvd. between Louisa and Broad. It’s nice to see progress in all of it’s many forms. I’m all about freedom and that means freedom of and freedom from…

The mystery that surrounds the motivations of NOPD in so far as the way they selectively enforce traffic laws took an interesting twist for me recently. In a semi-rubber-stamped email from the 8th District Major, I learned that the selection may be influenced by neighborhood meetings. Out in the 3rd District, I can think of almost no one who would ask police to ignore motorcyclists riding 90mph on a wheelie through stop lights, yet I’ve heard on the police scanner when officers were directed to do just that. Back in the Quarter, bicyclists have to negotiate tourists, hacks (carriages), taxis, delivery trucks, tour buses, and jaywalkers, but are seemingly targeted by NOPD (a recent development) and treated poorly to the point of violence in some cases. Of course I’m told that this type of behavior does not occur.

The word is the word. Define: “is”. The ambiguity of English is increasing. No longer can a statement be made without the expectation of clarification existing. Like somehow the intent could be bent to the wishes of the listener. For example: “per day” could mean 24 hours or end at midnight or during the daylight or business hours. The price could include tax or not, there could be fuel surcharges, environmental fees, disposal fees, pick-up fees, all of which are not included in the “price”.

The price per day is… a long repetitive discussion of the definition of simple words that many people assume they can litigate into meaning whatever suits them.

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  •   MitchMuses     +2   Posted 1959 days ago 

    You should be proud of the had work you are investing in making the city safer for bicycles. We should be a city/town over run by bicycles. The Amsterdam of the South (accept for July and August).