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June 29th, 2010

MS Governor Haley Babar is now trying to pull his head out of his ass after denying Oil Gusher!
He now blames the Coast Guard, the National Television Media, hell probably even his own pet’s potty training, for his abject denial of the scale of this disaster. What a slow-talking, lying, dumbass presidential candidate. Remember This!
Remember Babar’s television commercial urging everyone to come down here and get poisoned! Ha! Can it be this cartoon elephant made a deal with BP for $upport?
Otherwise, who could possibly be this goddamn stupid? Obama.
Are we yet sick enough of our elected officials covering for BP?
This high-resolution image shows Petit Bois Island (top right) and the eastern end of Horn Island (top left) on June 26.

RADARSAT Images, Trouble With Alex ~SkyTruth

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