NolaCycle Mapping Ride Sunday Nov. 22, 10am, Rome Park (Robert E. Lee & St. Roch) 2144 days ago 


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Thanks y'all! Riding Strong through the Suburbs!

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July 1st, 2010

Thanks to everyone for another great ride. join us next month, when we will ride into our urban wetlands and beaches.

We rode 70 strong into metry, lakeview, and through the city park neighborhoods. Although we avoided all the bourgie mansions I wanted to pass en masse, we still fulfilled dreams and broke hearts by cruising down Veterans Blvd. Thanks to our friends who rode the LA Swift Bus from Baton Rouge to ride with us! I didn’t know you could throw your bike on the bus—we’ll have to return the favor sometime.

A reminder that our friends at RHUBARB need help closing down their current location by July 10th. fear not! Liz is looking for a new space already.

Check out the possible locations for next month (this is long):

Where we were this time out:

If you want to help with flyers, new spoke cards, posters, and route plans, let’s meet up this coming wednesday, uptown at Rue at Oak and Carrolton. 6 sound good? I knew it would.

send all photos / photo links to, and i promise a reporter next month.
look pretty for the cameras.

props to all corkers.


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