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August 29th, 2010

Yesterday, several Rising Tide attendees asked me what the unofficial title for the conference was this year. Okay, let’s do a comprehensive review:

Rising Tide I: Unfatigued

Rising Tide II: Enter the Fist

Rising Tide III: Attack of the Cranes

Rising Tide IV: Will another fight break out this year?

And the title for Rising Tide V was, obviously: Restoring Honor.

We thought it was an appropriate time to hold an event that would mark the reculmination of the modern Civil Rights movement (which began in N.O.).

Because we love God, and we love this country.

The liberal Emm Ess Eminem estimated only 80 people showed up to #RT5, but they’re just tryng to bait us into saying something stupid, and we won’t play their filthy games.

Thanks to all the patriots who attended. Hope y’all enjoyed the show.

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