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Watched the first episode of House of Cards tonight. Dark comedic back room politics. Love it. 1538 days ago 


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Untitled Drunken Con Piece

October 9th, 2010

“So what’s the play with this group?”

“Oh dear God woman! Let me just drink!”

“Come on, what’s your angle? How are we doing this?”

“Aren’t you full of fucking questions tonight?”

“Only fucking your getting.”


“And plus, I know you. The little drunken barroom act means your making someone.”

“I drink in bars all the time. I get drunk in bars all the time.”

“But you only get belligerent drunk in private or alone. And I have seen how you push away those watered down glasses there Mr. Sinatra.”

“Christ, I need to stop hanging out with you so much.”

“No one else will put up with you.”

“I have lots of friends.”

“Who won’t put up with you.”

“Group in the corner. Info to cull from them.”

“And how you going to get that info all the way over here getting drunk?”

“Oh my dear, the info is in how they act, not in what they say.”

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