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Holiday Grumblings about Southern Living

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December 1st, 2010

So I’m hanging out in the kitchen with my Mom and my SIL over Thanksgiving… talking about recipes, etc. Someone says, “I sure miss Southern Living.” I had to agree. The whole publication has gone more Better Home and Gardens. Actually, Better Homes and Gardens isn’t even Better Homes and Gardens anymore. Now it’s BHG. How ‘now.’

The features in this month’s Southern Living pretty much sum up the decline. First of all, on page 52 there is this story, “Southern Beauty Secrets… Smoky Eye Made Easy” followed by mascara tips. Really. Is this why any of us read Southern Living?

The interiors have also descended to the lower ranges of boredom/stultification. Or leave me scratching my head. In December, they featured this cave, err, kitchen:

I almost got a splinter in my haste to turn the page

One woman featured home decor tips. Here’s one view of her living room:

Two things: 1) Do you need a Christmas tree if you already have a hideous painting in Christmas colors? I say put some lights and balls on that thing. 2) The height of decor ingenuity and freshness is not a purple chair. I can’t decide what the focal point is here. There’s so much ugly going on all at once. Don’t miss the mirrored coffee tables. What is the curious sprocket decorative object?

The homeowner offer her style secret “When you use a strong color, you should pick it up in at least one other place in the room so it doesn’t look random.” You certainly wouldn’t want that to happen.

The other side of the living room. Let’s count. #1 purple chair #2 Red armchair #3 Yellow checkered sofa #4 Leopard fabric ottoman #5 Red patterned chair #6 Polks dot pillows #7 brown checkered rug

Oh, Southern Living… come back to us! Come back!

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