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The Ride In, 2006

February 9th, 2011

On our drive to New Orleans in March of 2006, we couldn’t help but be excited as we always are as we head for the city.  While I’m still relatively young, I can claim to prefer to drive to New Orleans rather than fly because I always bring a car load of stuff back with me, I can still enjoy a road trip with my wife and I truly think the drive down I-59 from Birmingham to Louisiana has to be on one of the greatest stretches of highway in America.  I love the look and smell of each mile.  I wouldn’t want to give that up forever in favor of the time saved by flight.

Things became a little somber once we hit hurricane damage in Mississippi. Things became a little more somber when we realized we still had over almost 2 hours of ever-increasing destruction to drive through before we got to the city.  Normalcy had pretty much returned at this point – Mardi Gras 2006  had happened, but it was apparent that we were still driving into a mess.

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