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February 16th, 2011

They don’t even deserve the full FYYFF….really…it’s fucking Newsweek. They’ve become even more redundant than…well….never mind.

America’s Dying Cities

I’m actually going to lift my FB post on this one as I don’t think much of anything Newsweek says deserves too much attention:

A dying magazine in a dying empire proclaims New Orleans the #1 dying city in America. A note to Newsweek…this city is no stranger to death, in fact we celebrate it. We were here before this country was born and we will be here after it’s gone….and Newsweek probably won’t be here by this time next year.
That pretty much says it all. Oh…and I’m not really sure I’m happy we’re being called an American city. I haven’t felt too American since Katrina and I certainly don’t feel like I’m dying.

It’s Mardi Gras season in my town….what’s going on in your shitty suburb? Coach Payton?

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