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Outfit Post – 03.23.2011

March 24th, 2011

I told you I would try to be better about taking outfit photos more often! The picture quality is not as amazing as last time though, because David had to go off to a film shoot with his super fancy camera. Alas…

Also, our crazy old paranoid neighbor was probably convinced that some devious plan was afoot, as I was running around taking self portraits of myself in the backyard. Seriously, he is NUTS! (Our landlord told us once men in white coats came to take him away…) David wants to get a bunch of old junk cameras and line them up near our backyard fence, pointing towards his house, just to mess with him. (Our neighbor is not a particularly nice person, I try to avoid any interaction with him after the last time I got stuck talking to him and it ended in some racist diatribe about Hurricane Katrina…)

ANYWAY. Outfit details:

cute pink dangly earrings! – I wish I know who made these. My sister got them for me from an artist market in Chicago when she was going to culinary school there.
zebra t-shirt! – Buffalo Exchange, found during the great haul of last October, when I also found my Noisician Coalition majorette costume, seen here!
stripey vest – H&M, during my 2006 trip to Paris with my mom & sister
pink deer pin – vintage, I found it at Portobello Market in 2004 in London
gathered mini skirt – Trashy Diva. (Did you notice it has pockets??)
knee socks – Banana Republic outlet store
comfy oxford shoes – Miz Mooz, via Ashe

This is what I wore to the first NOLA Fashion Week event that I had the chance to attend last night. I got to hang out with the lovely Rebekah, Christy, Leslie, Justin and others, and never even had a chance to make it over to the Entrepreneur Week event on the other side of the building! But I did get to meet the amazing Seema Sudan from LiaMolly! She taught me how to make origami peace cranes – she is making 1000 of them in honor of her friends in northern Japan. More on LiaMolly to come in a couple days…

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