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No, actually, it doesn’t

April 2nd, 2011

Take It Back. Now. | The G Bitch Spot:

It makes you wonder if the successes seen in NOLA charter schools have all been on the up-and-up.

No, it’s more likely to make me wonder about the motives behind the mad dash to discredit the good results that the charters schools in New orleans have demonstrated after years of complete neglect, failure, mismanagement and finally abandonment, and it makes me wonder about the attitudes of people who assume that low-income, disadvantage kids can’t possibly excel.

When you create an environment in which adults’ jobs depend on the results of standardized tests of students who can vary not only from week to week but hour to hour, it is not surprising that enough pressure is created to lead some folks to shortcuts.

Tell it to any school who has to pass LEAP tests. Charters aren’t the only schools under that pressure.

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