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What I Wore- Into The Woods

April 9th, 2011

I’m not the type of gal that typically looks forward to vacationing in big cities. There’s a reason I live in New Orleans- miles of metropolis doesn’t appeal to me. Perhaps growing up with a swamp literally in my backyard had some effect because when I want to get away from it all I do mean all of it. No cell phone reception, no internet, no nothing. A few weekends ago I took a digital detox by renting a cabin in rural Mississippi in the Homochitto National Forest. It was so utterly blissful that I didn’t want to come back home.

Just because I was having a John Muir moment doesn’t mean I want to totally dress the part. Actually, he was probably pretty snazzy looking- the clothing in the 1800s was far superior in construction than what we buy in stores today. Anyway the trick to looking good is to not really worry about it. Pick comfortable clothes that are somewhat stylish and please, leave the heels at home. Easy, right?

This is a simple shirt but I love the details. The big buttons in the back are just enough detail to add interest without being distracting. The dolmen sleeves update a classic cut so I can own this for years and not worry about looking dated. It’s also by Billy Reid, one of my favorite southern fashion designers so the quality is superb.

Nadia is such a bitch, stealing another shot. You know how everyone supposedly looks like their dogs? I’m still waiting to get tall and skinny just like mine but I shouldn’t hold my breath. I guess we both have big ol’ ahem athletic thighs so maybe I’m on my way after all.
If you are seeking your own transcendentalist moment read about my first experience at Forest Retreat on this guest post I did on NO Adventure.
Dolman sleeve shirt- Billy Reid via BillyReid.comJeans- Seven for All Mankind via Buffalo ExchangeShoes- Toms via Gnome

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