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French Quarter Muck

April 9th, 2011

When you read New Orleans tourism guides and they talk about the Vieux Carré being like a “European” city, what they mean is: it smells like horse poop and there is liquid Typhus burbling down the ditches to the drains at each street intersection. This is a lot of fun on days that reach 90F and 98% humidity before 9am.  Don’t kid yourself, the smell as this picture was taken could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

Luckily, the city deploys a battalion of street cleaners cleaners each morning which always remind me of “The Cleaner” from Labyrinth.  I always tell people that dawn is the best time to be in the Quarter while they’re hosing down the sidewalks and the college kids are asleep.  Just fat old people from Ohio walking around and the cool moist air from the evening still hangs.  If you can see the river when the fog is sitting on it at dawn,  it’ll change your life.  Just watch out for the black muck.

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