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April 10th, 2011

Last Day of French Quarter Fest 2011! Recap: Saturday, April 10th
He Said/She Said NOLA

Majority of La. congressmen ask for remapping postponement~Billy Gun

The railroad doesn’t have to do anything… so the won’t
~Library Chronicles

RT @Editilla the Pun@theharryshearer #TheBigUneasy ~Brass Balls Tour

So, they’ll get it right this time? Oil spills, mine disasters, levees and forgetfulness…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Longtime oil industry champion now calls BP liars, almost a year after oil spill~Bob Marshall

A year after Gulf oil spill, Congress is sitting on its hands~Bruce Alpert

Naomi Klein
~In recent years two things have happened. One, that battery wound up on the first Earth Day has finally wound down: congressmen, it turns out, can tell the difference between an aging membership list and a vibrant political movement. As the DC political bible Politico put it last month: “green groups are being forced to play defense in a world where D.C. pols aren’t scared of them.” Second, the key issue has changed. Forget acid rain and Superfund; these were important but relatively easy fights that didn’t directly confront anyone’s business model. You could clean up acid rain by putting a filter on your power plant. But global warming is different — you’d have to shut down that power plant, and replace it with a windmill or a solar panel.

New Orleans Saints’ Jonathan Vilma staying focused on next season

The Malaprop Master~Adrastos

History of New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tiles~Fig Street Studio

Curtain could drop on opportunity to restore Municipal Auditorium
~The Lens

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