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Butter Lamb Day, Our High Holy Day

April 23rd, 2011

This grave marker was made from the same cast as the original Butter Lamb, created in New Orleans. I know it looks huge, but we eat a LOT of butter in the South.

For those of you are unfamiliar with Christianity, we have an odd habit of adopting ancient pagan ritual, then gathering together on the ancient days reserved for the worship of Earthly things, polytheistic gods with represent Earthly things or just general Bacchanalia. We engage in the same rites as the pre-Christian sun-worshipers. We have MUCH of the celebrations have as their focus children, so that they will never be comfortable walking away from these practices as adults. Then we gather together to pat each other on the back and congratulate each other on how “saved” we are and how much our God, Yahweh, the one god, the jealous god loves us for this!

This is a Roman Catholic practice and so in America, it comes from the South, from lands-like Florida and Louisiana-settled by Catholic countries. America is the great melting pot and cultures have mingled since its founding.  Those nasty Puritans in the North pretty much ruined the out-and-out public group sex (AIDS helped) for us, so Americans have replaced this with an orgy of food.

It is now traditional in America, on first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (today, by the way) to gather together and feast in honor of the “golden calf” you can read about in Genesis. Over the years, golden has come to be represented by our true god, butter. The calf has crossed species and Pagan sex and fertility symbols such as the egg and hare have come to mean “Jesus”- who LOVED butter. It is not a coincidence that the food passed around at the Last Supper was BREAD. It is merely a  vehicle for butter.  Each and every New Testament author missed this very important fact and this is the real reason Jesus is coming back to set us straight.

This is the whole basis of the Mormon religion- they know the truth. I grew up in Kirtland, Ohio, so I am on good authority to explain them to you. The Mormons believe that after The Resurrection, Jesus came to America (possibly populated by the Lost Tribes of Israel) giving speeches much like the Sermon on the Mount. He was handing out pieces of bread slathered with butter, saying “You’ve got to EAT THIS! I’M Practically MADE OF THIS! America will be my favored land and its Nationhood will be founded on BUTTER!” This is why America is represented in the Bible as the “Lamb who speaks like a Dragon” (Butter & Tabasco). According to the Catholic Record, London, Ontario, September 1, 1923 (remember the the Acadians were from Canada)- the whole reason Catholics moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday as their “Mark of Authority” is because that’s when the main temple (Commander’s Palace) is serving Brunch.

How did any of us ever learn anything before the internet?

And yes, Paula Dean is very Catholic.

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