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CAN YOU FEEL IT, New Orleans? .:. Exclusive Interview with DJ Cosmo Baker

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April 28th, 2011


CAN YOU FEEL IT, New Orleans?

Exclusive Interview with DJ Cosmo Baker  [The Rub, BK/Philly]

There is something to be said about living in a city that is one of
those coveted music meccas slightly off the beaten path. When you live
in a place like New Orleans, one often gets the chance to play host to
music heads making their first pilgrimage to North America’s cradle of
true roots music. When a world-renown musician, producer, journalist, or DJ makes his or her way to the delta to bathe in the sights and sounds
that birth the music he or she may have been collecting or studying or
just plain feeling for years, that natal experience is always one to
remember – for both host and guest.

On May 6, New Orleans will play host to one of the international dance
party scene’s favorite DJs, Cosmo Baker, who, like many, is both nervous and excited to finally realize one of his life-long dreams this month
and not only travel to the Big Easy, but have the opportunity to
practice his craft live at the Jazz Fest afterparty edition of the fresh new monthly DJ series, The Bridge.

A native Philadelphian turned Brooklynite, Baker is most definitely a
DJ’s DJ. Much like New Orleans is populated by musicians’ musicians –
consummate, humble artists – Cosmo is a collector, a digger, and
although he has made quite a name for himself over recent years and
traveled across continents to spin vinyl records for thirsty
dancefloors, successfully whipping them into a sweaty frenzy in the
pocket, he says he has no idea what to expect but is excited to share
his groove with folks from a city rich in musical history and just that
fact alone makes him confident that “we’re going to get it in” on the

What does the party-rocker plan to do while in the Crescent City? 
“Alot” [laughs] “I probably won’t have the time to do everything I want
to, because there is so much, but I plan for lots of jambalayah and
crawfish and more food. And would really, really love to see some brass
bands… I’m obsessed with brass bands – ask anyone who knows me, I jump at any chance I get to collect or play a brass record! Of course I
would like to go see some [Mardi Gras] Indians too…“ 

All praises due to the honorable Fats Domino, and his other top favorite New Orleans artists, Eddie Bo and Allen Toussaint, Cosmo also says he’s
never had the opportunity to see one of music’s, and one of DJ culture’s most important bands, New Orleans own funk kings, The Meters. [he’s
informed that they will be playing around town during Jazz Fest] 
“…you know, I might just miss my return flight if I get into something too good.“  After all, it was a New Orleans record that set the bar for his girlfriend-scouting… when, as a young man, he had to let one go
after she just wasn’t feeling Dr. John’s “Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya” - a
record that the young Baker knew would “change your life.” Prerequisites for dating Cosmo: no Dr. John-dissing.

You know Baker is a true head, a real DJ, when he says he is just as
excited about “soaking up the actual fiber of the city in the Delta
where blues was born and where blues begot jazz and [wherefrom] it
spread to the rest of the world”
as he is conducting dark and sweaty
dancefloor here for the first time. “It’s an important thing for me, as a DJ, to present the cultural facets of all of the places I’ve been in
the way that I see them… because some of these places have been
through really hard times… New Orleans is a place that has had alot of hard times… but pressure makes diamonds. Out of pain and strife comes great art. So as an artist, you do your best to bring and life and
energy [to those around you].”

In fact, he says, “all this music we listen to (and I have alot of
records) is blues.“ 
This is something he learned while visiting the
hometown of his partner, Ayres from their now renowned New York
DJ/remixer collective and dance party series, The Rub. A trip home to
Mississippi with Ayres is where Cosmo came face to face with people of
the Delta, and heard how music “is filled sweetly and profoundly with
both pain and optimism – all our music is rooted in blues.“ 

Telling these stories, connecting the dots, and continuing to mix in new discoveries is simply how The Rub became such a phenomenon as a dance
party, sets now syndicated on some of the web’s most popular radio
stations such Scion Radio’s Station #17 and Brooklyn Radio. For those
that have ever been to The Rub, you know what Baker and Ayres bring to
the table… and that no one leaves disappointed. Unless, of course,
you’re not a fan of real music.

So, all that said, local party crew, Poor Boy Pros, brings a piece of
The Rub to NoLa for the night with Cosmo as special guest for their May
edition of “The Bridge” – the New Orleans party series that bridges the
gap between various hip hop, funk, soul and electronic DJ cultures in a
city still struggling to “legitimize” the DJ and the DJ set as “real”
music and culture. Baker is a perfect fit for “The Bridge” – known for
his smooth genre-hopping skills, he is “a rare breed of DJ that bridges
the gap between the legendary DJs of yesterday and the superstar DJs of

—- Jocelyne J$ Ninneman

Get your groove on
:  Experience the debut New Orleans DJ set from Cosmo
of The Rub at THE BRIDGE on Friday, May 6 at The Dragon’s Den [435 Esplanade Ave @ Frenchmen St]  10pm – 4am*Early arrival is
suggested, as space is limited! 

+ Opening DJ sets from Tony Skratchere, DJ Yamin & More
+ Hosted by Matt Peoples
+ $10  |  18+

Cosmo Baker
The Bridge / Poor Boy Pros
The Dragon’s Den



The 1st person to Subscribe to Humid Beings here AND Email with your government name and contact info and “The Rub at The Bridge” in the subject line will a pair of tickets to Cosmo Baker at The Bridge on 05/06!!!

Winner will be notified with claim instructions via Email by May 4.

Good luck!

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