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May 12th, 2011

Explainer: Controlling path of Mississippi River part of problem
Laura Buchtel, WWL
~Hat Tweet @CanalStreetCar

Floods are a reminder of the Mississippi River’s power
~John Barry

~In 1927, the entire Mississippi River system — which stretches from near Buffalo, N.Y., to the Rockies, from Taos, N.M., deep into North Carolina — was in flood. It killed people from West Virginia to Oklahoma, but along the lower Mississippi it simply shouldered aside all human efforts to control it.

The Importance of the Morganza Spillway~Tim Ballisty
~Hat Tweet @judyb1954

Sandbags Line Riverfront New Orleans

Workers race to raise levees in downtown BR ~Amy Wold

Flood News Lafayette / Morgan City
~Also Daily Comet, Houma
~The Town Talk, Alexandria

Best Show in Town~American Zombie

Why the secrecy? Gert Town community agency won’t show how it’s spending lawsuit windfall
~Jessica Williams, The Lens

~Retweet @facingsouth~Sen. Landrieu (D-LA) defends oil company tax breaks after taking $3 million from oil industry #moneyinpolitics

Sylvain~Blackened Out

Plaquemines Parish Seafood Festival is this weekend

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