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Vintage Mission

June 27th, 2011

When I say “Vintage Mission”, I don’t mean a pretty blouse and a nice pair of jeans with that vintage flare that everyone is looking for. I am on the hunt to fulfill my idea of what the word VINTAGE really means. According to the world English dictionary the word vintage pertains to something of lasting interest and importance or in other words, classic. What’s more classic than an Edwardian fashioned dress?

This style of dress made its debut in the early 1900s. What makes this dress so stylish is the fact that people make dresses similar to this one still to this very day. Every element of this dress is used in our everyday outfits with the intentions to either flare up the vintage look or has evolved with the influence of this structure. From the neck piece to the sleeves and even further to the waistline pattern, all of these are used in the production of our fashions today. Even the lace pattern used in this dress is used abundantly nowadays.

If you pay close attention to the silhouettes of the dresses you would see that they all obey the elements of the Edwardian dress above this picture. The only difference is that evolution has occurred adjusting the original fashion with bold colors, cute patterns, and  matching accessories.

Bebe recently put on an Edwardian fashion show in Los Angeles and these two pics alone pleased me. It obeyed the structure of the Edwardian fashion while adding elements that are stunningly vintage in respect to the Edwardian Era. This is my idea of the word VINTAGE, it serves a lasting interest which makes it classic.

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