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Bat removal in River Ridge Louisiana and Other New Orleans cities

June 29th, 2011

I do not know what it is but we have done at least 5 bat removals in the River Ridge area this year already! It wouldn’t be so bad except it is a pretty small town. We did 2 on one particular street and I am fairly certain the bats were at both places all along.

The other job we are doing in that area is an attic insulation cleanout. New Orleans area attics can be pretty rough in the summer months – cleaning an attic in this heat is very difficult but we manage. You can check out our check list of items we need in an attic here – Attic Insulation Removal Checklist
I think you will find that our work is work nobody else wants – but it is picking up!

We are also removing bats from Mandeville in 2 locations. I find this time of year we do alot of bat work where there are no bats present but they were there and we find a few dead ones in the attic. After the mexican free-tailed bat mates the sexes segregate and that leaves a few attics to be invaded and then abandoned!

So you will sometimes find the batcave empty.

I will be adding more as time goes on – not too interesting other than to look back and to keep seeing the same bat locations over and over and of course I am reminded of all those hot attic insualtion cleanouts we are doing and have done – whew!

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