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Designer Roule: Erica Jones, Style Vs. Fashion

July 7th, 2011

Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with Designer, Erica Jones and learn a little more about her website “Style Vs. Fashion” as well as her designs. What initially drew me to Designer Erica was her fabulous brooches. As you all probably know I’m all about brooches so the bigger and more colorful they are most likely I shall swoon over! Her brooches bring about a new upgraded funky style. In addition to her fab brooches is definitely the shoes, her custom made shoes will definitely bring all eyes to anyone’s feet. Check out what she has to say!

Style Vs. Fashion?

Style Versus Fashion is a website used to showcase individuality. I want to help people be less focused on name brands, expensive trends, or fashions and more focused on self individuality. Enlighten self conscious people that they don’t have to spend money to look “stylish” . Style is your dreams, aspirations, instinct, joy, personality, seen through the use of clothing, accessories and hair.

I started this company because people will often enter a compulsive persuit of (self-gratification) through fashion in order to identify with something. When Individuals fall into a frenzy of constant possessions, money, success, power, they lose their individuality, freedom, and free thought. Their obsession with fashion becomes their mind control which ultimately poisons that person and turn them into a social group other than a distinctive individual. Style Versus Fashion focuses of Individuality “style”, as opposed to media consensus. “fashion”. You don’t need lots of money to be stylish. Style is your personality while Fashion is a social agreement usually determined by others (hence the name Style Versus Fashion)

The Design Process

As of now I have no team helping with the designs. Most of the time Im at home and something pops in my head and I start creating. Each design is different because I want everybody who buys anything from the site to know that “when they purchase a Custom Design, Nobody else will have it”.  As the company expands, I would love to have a design team helping out but as of now just little ole me.


I love finished project. It took so long for me to just finally agree to selling my shoes because each and every shoe was made with time and patience. I love to see what i’ve created and I love when people love my creations.

Favorite Design

My favorite piece on the site are the “Pretty in Pink” custom designed heels. It was my first heel design which means It TOOK THE LONGEST. I love that shoe dearly lol………..

What’s Next?

I want to be a force to be reckoned with in the retail world. I want to deliver my message to the masses while providing stylish clothing for the masses.

About Designer Erica

My name is Erica Jones and I’m from Atlanta, Ga. My story is about the same as everybody. Grew up in a single mother home in the ghettos of Atlanta making it only by the graces of the Lord. After high school I attended Albany State University recieving a degree in Psychology in 2009. After I realized psychology wasn’t what I wanted to do I begin modeling full time and loved when I got to model for clothing designers. I began to see myself as a clothing designer and made steps towards becoming one. I love what I do and most importantly I love when people go to the website and see pass the music and clothing and get the actual message. Nothing is more humbling than to know that people love what you create; Whether its a message or a brooch.

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