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July 17th, 2011

Corps too slow in repairing MS River breach, says MO Legislator
Southeast Missourian
“It’s very frustrating because the corps said ‘This is our top priority. We’re going to build a temporary levee,’” says MO Rep. Jo Ann Emerson. “I realize there is some preliminary work that has to get done, but they’re not moving fast enough.”
“The corps broke it. The corps has got to fix it,”

Registering to vote is no big mystery ~James Gill

What is the American Way?~CenLamar

Forts in Plaquemines Parish near mouth of Mississippi could become new national park

Local proves resourceful during tenure at music store~Daily Comet
~Houma~FMS, an offshoot of Fabregas Music Store, opened 10 years ago when the business branched into the coin- and bill-operated machine side of things. Hebert has worked for Fabregas in some form or another for 61 years. According to FMS general manager Cullen Outhouse, Hebert’s know-how with the various machines he maintenances daily can never be replaced.

New Orleans’ Historic Perseverance Hall No. 4 Opens

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