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September 10th, 2011

Well, looks like the bats are gone for the winter now – well we still have bats in New Orleans but the larger colonies seem to have vanished for now. It is said they migrate down to Brazil. I find it amazing that our bats fly at sometimes 10k feet in search of moths – no other species of bats do this! 
At any rate, now is the time to go out and start sealing up your house. The bats will be back for next year! If you own a two story brick house and the bats were flying around the peak (or point) of the roof you may want to go see if they are gone!
I also built a new website centered around the guy that wants to get rid of his bats himself. the website is at and also features a place where you can buy a bat house to install yourself. I will be adding a list of local guys who can install them for folks but that’s in the future. For now if you live in New Orleans and want to put up a bat house in your back yard properly and want it installed in the best possible place for bats, consider hiring me to do it. I remove bats and see bats all over New Orleans, if anyone understands our local bat population better than me – they are full of guano!
If you spot bats in a house or flying around let me know! I already know about the bats under the clearview overpass so dont tell me about that one, lol. 
Enjoy our native bats!

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