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skinz n bonez / 6t'9 sapc

Carnival & Festival

September 20th, 2011

this coming oct 22nd the 6t’9 social aid and pleasure club will hold their yearly halloween parade. this is a wonderful event that came about so children wouldn’t have to trick or treat in blighted neighborhoods. Children roll for free, and among the many subkrewes, will be the bone gang called skinz n bonez.

Skinz n Bonez meets every sunday at the hi ho lounge, and has a dance class with 504dancingman, and wildman john of the wild tchoupatoulas. at seven, they practice songs, and this past sunday they masked and hit the quarter for a fun night on the town.

if you would like more information regarding skinz n bonez, feel free to join them on facebook, AND if you want to be a member of 6t’9? you can join skinz n bonez on oct 2nd at the hi ho for a parade benefit.

ya gotta keep up with the bones’s!