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Try the new NOLA Food & Farm Exchange

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May 29th, 2012

We know that there’s a bunch of you that are growing a lot. Often you grow more than you can eat or give to friends & family. The NOLA FFEx gives you a way to move your bounty, extra compostable material, soil, tools, services, available land, etc. that you can get something in return —
money, a portion of someone else’s bounty, a much needed tool, services, etc. Listings are free.

  1. Produce/Food Products – vegetables, fruits, preserves, etc. to sell, trade, or buy
  2. Soil/Compost – soil, manure, compost, worms, etc. to sell, trade, or buy.
  3. Services – lot clearing, tilling, etc. to sell, trade, or buy.
  4. Equipment/Tools – garden tools to sell, trade, or buy.
  5. Transportation – trailer, pickup truck use, etc. you want to to sell, trade, or buy.
  6. Land for Growing – requests for available land to grow, or offers of available land for growing
  7. FREE Stuff – anything food & farm related (lumber, concrete blocks, dirt, etc.) that you want to offer or need

If what you want to buy, trade, or sell something that doesn’t fit these categories please email and we will help you.

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