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Get Politically Punch Drunk at "Politics with a Punch"

October 28th, 2008

Gotta agree with A Little to the Left over at the Head Pelican. Thursday’s “Politics with a Punch” line-up looks like a doozy. Scheduled to appear:

Jay “perhaps you’ve seen me doing bidness on Canal St.” Batt, Former Councilman, Chair-Louisiana McCain Campaign

Virginia “Nagin Enabler” Boulet, Chairman of Obama Campaign, Louisiana

Manny “Chevrolet” Bruno, Comic-Troubled Man for Troubled Times

Joe Johnson, Former Saints Star, Member of Saints Hall of Fame

Norman “perhaps you’ve seen me following a lead on Canal St.” Robinson, News Anchor, WDSU-TV, Channel 6

Chris “I have always felt like I was more alert and alive than anyone in the room” Rose, Times Picayune Columnist, Author and Commentator

John Slade, Political Cartoonist, Radio Talk Show Host, Comedian


Remember, the show starts at 8pm, but Happy Hour begins at 6pm. Cheers!

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