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I'm not sure what's going on here


September 29th, 2009  9 Comments

Although at first glance one is tempted to say it’s an All Our Blogs Are Belong to Blake Now type of thing.

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I'm not sure what's going on here
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  •   Eaux_d_Humidity     -2   Posted 2160 days ago 

    Ha. No ownership. Shared Content.
    You got questions? I got answers.

  •   skooks     +1   Posted 2160 days ago 

    Holy crap it talks back too!

  •   humidhaney     -1   Posted 2159 days ago 

    Any local blog feed someone wants us not to pull in we will happily remove it. No worries.

  •   skooks     +2   Posted 2158 days ago 

    No no. No problem with me, anyway. And hey, this is now one of the "most read" posts in the, admittedly short, history of Humid Beings. I'd say that's pretty damn cool right there.

  •   SnazzerBing     -1   Posted 2158 days ago 

    Are Blake and Eaux_d_Humidity the same person?

  •   humidhaney     -3   This comment is below the viewing threshold. View
  •   SnazzerBing     0   Posted 2157 days ago 

    Is it Michael L.?

  •   SnazzerBing     +1   Posted 2145 days ago 

    ZOMFG it is Michael L!!!!!!

  •   SnazzerBing     +1   Posted 2145 days ago