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POW – Jasmine & Roscoe!

June 1st, 2009

I have decided that my dearest husband is a far better picture taker than myself…heck I didn’t even know you could adjust the resolution on our camera. So, with any luck he will always be present for my POWs as sometimes it’s hard to get a good picture when they are dancing around happy to be finished and ready to see mom or dad.

This week’s POW is a two for one special. Roscoe and Jasmine are two pint sized poodles who had a bit of coiffing to do. I assured the parental units they were in good hands and went to town.

Please save me!

Roscoe is about the size of a peanut and I think he was nervous that he was facing Nurse Ratchet. Fear not little one, I’m going to make you look so bad ass that the neighborhood mutts will cower in fear:

Don’t tread on me.

Roscoe got a shave down for the summer and is also working the mohawk and goatee…all he needs is a heart “MOM” tat.

So happy!

Jasmine is a tad bigger than her brother and she shall forever be referred to in my mind as the mexican jumping bean. While I was working on Roscoe, she was bouncing in front of the window trying to get a peek of the goings on at the bakery next door. I swear she should be a show dog!

I left Jasmine a little longer and with a sweet teddy face to compliment her happy go lucky personality. Both left with a happy mom and ready to rock!

Hello…I really like you.

Groom Lingo: Roscoe 7 strip, reverse 7 on face and hand scissor mohawk and goatee. Jasmine 5 strip, short ears and scissor round face.

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