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Public Service Announcement – Think once, think twice before committing to puppy parenthood.

May 10th, 2009

Today we have a tale of two maltipoos. Actually it’s only one tale because the happy little maltipoo pic that you see in my Flickr box on the right really needs no elaboration – she’s cute, she’s loved and she’s Moxxie.

In general, I see dogs that are in pretty good shape. There may be a mat here or a funky ear there, but all in all it’s doable in the realm of responsible parenthood. Once in a blue moon (usually when volunteering to do shave downs of rescued street doggies with the shelter), I see this:

And I swear most of the time I just cry a little on the inside. I’m not even sure that the picture does it justice. Remember it’s a Malti poo – a very over fed and beyond neglected should-be-little dog (look at Moxxie again just to have a comparison).

Here are some close up face shots which I swear was one big clump starting with eye fwunk that connected to dried up food chunk:

One side of said food/eye fwunk chunk:

What absolutely kills me is not that this dog is fat…hey, I understand a good meal. What kills me is the fur is so matted and covered with sh*t (I spared you by not taking a back end pic, trust) that the skin is not getting air and hence his belly and chest literally smelled of rot. His back legs are hurting from the serious wide load, but the front legs are even worse – completely turned out like a bull dog due to nails being so long that they are curled under his pads. So all his weight is on those nails. Here’s the length of what I was able to take off; there was more to remove but I didn’t want to quick the poor dog:

The hair in the pads were impacted and the paws themselves splayed thanks to the weight on those feet and curly nails. I did what I could. With this kind of situation, it’s always a moral dilemma: do you turn away the parent and refuse to do the dog and hope that the parent learns his/her lesson? Or do you groom the dog so at least for a little while he feels more comfortable, can walk, see and hear?

Obviously I choose the latter:

I did what I could to lecture, educate and advise the parent and offer them a dirt cheap rate for a follow up visit within 12 weeks. It’s pretty much all I can do apart from going home and hugging my little two nearly to death.

So my public service announcement is please don’t get a dog unless you can take care of it!!

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