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So last week we opened for The Donnas. I have to admit, I never...

August 27th, 2009

So last week we opened for The Donnas. I have to admit, I never really listened to them in my lifetime of Anglophile music snobbery.  But when you get the chance to open for a band with that large of a draw you take it….especially when it means you are broadening your spectrum of who will be coming to your shows.

So anyway, before I get into how much fun we had and what an energetic night it was I do have something to say about The Donnas themselves.  When opening for a bigger national/international act, we always find ourselves dealing with something worse than an egotistical performer…their asshole tour manager and road crew. I’m not going to tell you any stories about past encounters (if you know me you’ve already heard them) but Dylan, their tour manager had to be one of the nicest and most accomodating people we’ve ever crossed paths with. When dishing out schedules, set times, etc. there was no “I’m better than you” attitude, or my favorite “we’re doing you a favor kiss my feet” attitude I’ve had to put up with. And thanks to Travis always going get something to eat or running an errand he should have done but was taking a nap, I always have to hear this shit.

So anyway, after first band Terra Nova, we got our stuff set up pretty quick so we can try to make sure the set didn’t run over our thirty minutes. A set list is written in a certain order for a reason and not being able to play the song that goes perfectly into what you’re closing with doesn’t give you the same effect you’re trying to achieve.

We opened with “Control Self Panic” and went right into “keep Calm and Carry On” and I have to say the crowd response made me very happy since this will be coming out soon as the title track of our new ep….When you have that many people cheering you on and they are unfamiliar with you, it really makes you just want to push the music further…and so we did. I popped a string on my Jazzmaster at the end of “Chasing the Cops” which had me pulling out my old Rickenbacker to close everything out. We closed with “These Transition Hearts,” got the shit off quickly and started drinking. Bryan had a massive blister pop while playing it was pretty gross and cool at the same time. We watched him peel it off backstage.

So when the night was over the Donnas singer, Brett walked outside of the club and told me I did an excellent job…then we talked about how her and the singer of Suede have the same name after I showed her my Suede button.

But the night had possibly one more important goal and thanks to Mae Beth, our friend who sold our merch. it was met. We sold enough t-shirts and copies of our old album Saturn Missile Battery to pay for the mastering of the Keep Calm ep.  So get ready cause it’s coming to you soon!

– Jack Champagne

also, thanks to our friend, Vaughn Taylor, who took the awesome pic above!

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