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That Guy

October 21st, 2009

10/10/09 Sat. 116 miles
10/11/09 Sun. 83 miles
10/12/09 Mon. 52 miles
10/13/09 Tues 54 miles
10/14/09 Wed. 73 miles

Thankfully, business has been better lately. After spending an hour on Friday with Mr. Jackie I am happy to have had a fairly boring week. I drove two New Orleans Icons this week in my cab.

I picked up George Rodrigue famous for painting the Blue Dog from a Halloween party. He was very polite to me but he seemed completely disinterested in the rest of the company he had in the cab with him.

He mentioned that Blain Kern Owner of Mardi Gras World wanted him to open a gallery at the new facility. I looked over at Rodrigue and asked if he was a photographer.

“He’s the Blue Dog,” a man in the back exclaimed.
Rodrigue looked at me and rolled his eyes as the man in the back continued.
“I thought I recognized you,” I said to him.
That was really the extent of my interaction with him. When I dropped him off at their car in the CBD he gave me $30 for a $14 fare and thanked me.

I also drove Tommy, well known for opening Irene’s -one of my favorite restaurants. When he and his wife divorced she took over Irene’s and he went on to open Tommy‘s. I picked him up in front of the Marriot on Canal and drove him to his establishment. He was a little creepy and didn’t tip quite as well as Rodrigue.


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