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October 29th, 2009

Thus far, since the only posts have been HumidBeings articles, mainly the themed daily features, I think it’s about time I explained myself. I’m a Yankee by blood, relocated to New Orleans for university.

During the application process I had no idea where I wanted to go, and only visited the schools I got in to. When I came to visit NOLA, it was my first trip and I knew immediately that I would be happy here. The people were friendly, the weather was warm (actually, almost unbearably hot), and to be honest, I loved the culture shock. It was, and is, like no other place I’ve ever been.

What really drew me in, back then, were the Oak trees. At the time, I didn’t know they were Oaks, but I did my research, and I’ve been in awe, and in love, ever since. Something about the grandeur of both the trunks and the branches, the curling, curving, twisted route they take as they reach for the sun. The squatness of such large trees; something I had never seen before while living on the coast of the North East. They reminded me of spiders, a species I am not too fond of, and yet I love these trees. The way they spread out, extending in all directions, is a beauty I had never before beheld.

I knew, just by looking at these trees, that I would be able to spread out in New Orleans. I knew that I would be able to extend my branches in all directions, in any direction I chose. I knew that not even a hurricane could tear me down because my trunk would be stable, and my roots thick and secure. I came to New Orleans, initially at least, for these trees.

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