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The Filter at Humid Beings

November 18th, 2009

I’m introducing a new weekly blog at Humid Beings called “The Filter”. It’s going to be more or less like my longer YRHT posts— witty, link happy, semi-cogent— but I’ll be publishing them each Wednesday (more or less) under “oyster”.

The initial effort is about military veterans. Inadvertently, I published an early draft of the post, so it’s not quite perfect. One main point that I didn’t clearly spell out was that any discussion of proposed military conflicts should already include the “costs” (both financial and human) of caring for Veterans after the conflict ends. It seems simple enough to plan ahead, but we forget it every time. We ignore it, or perhaps the war fever blinds us. But this hideous routine of lowballing veterans’ post-war needs or disputing the existence of their post-war health issues (Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD…) until an embarrassing crisis occurs is contemptible.

Anyway, I vented about that a bit, and I’d be honored if you went over to HB and shared any thoughts or insights you might have about the issue. I’ll have a follow up Filter post in a few weeks on it. Or you can simply go to HB and flame me and the new blog. That’s fine as well. Here’s a spark to getcha started: I’m getting remunerated by HB for these weekly posts (no strings or restrictions attached) which is a first for me, so I thought I’d let y’all know that at the outset.

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