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The New Orleans Athletic Club

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November 20th, 2009  11 Comments

Dear Mr. Haney,

You can cancel your memberships in two ways. In writing 30 days prior to your anniversary date, or due to relocation. To cancel due to relocation you must provide proof of relocation. Proof can be a utility bill with your name and the new address on it, a copy of a lease / purchase agreement, or military deployment orders. The new address must be at least 60 miles away from the Club, and proof of relocations must be mailed and post marked from the new address. Once proof of relocation is received the applicable $75.00 termination fee is assessed and the membership is then cancelled.



So let me get this straight. I don’t wish to use your gym anymore after over 2 YEARS OF PAYING MY DUES and because I made this decision after an arbitrary date on the calendar you will force me to pay my dues for an entire year?

Nice customer service. Too bad for you I am opinionated and express my opinions freely and often. I will now try and get everyone I know to leave your gym and join a gym that has flexible hours, helpful staff, a clean facility. I recommend NolaFit on Magazine Street near Jackson. 24/7 hours, incredible machines and space, soon a rock wall. And so far . . . no assholes.


Terrible Reviews on Google

Stay away from the light!
Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By L D. – – Jun 23, 2009?
There is absolutely no customer service at this club, whatsoever. You
can’t even get a good morning from the staff. The equipment is dirty
and badly maintained. If you are looking to get in shape, do not go

Best place to get H1N1 virus

Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By khokhloma – Oct 27, 2009?
This is the most unsanitary sports club I have ever seen in my life!
Water in the pool is so bad it stinks and you can see pieces of who
knows what drifting there. Sauna is dirty and rarely works. Staff (in
particular talked to Stacy Falcone) is rude and not professional. They
also charged me some “admin fees” when I said I am leaving. I regret
the day I made the decision to enroll. Absolutely disgusting place!

do not waste your money and time
Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By info – Oct 2, 2009?
This is the worst gym in New Orleans!! Toilettes do not flush; trainers
are not friendly unless you hire them for private sessions. Management
is impossible to deal with. Almost all of the cardio equipment is
broken and machines are poorly maintained. Do not waste your time and

Poor maintenance and no service
Rated 1.0 out of 5.0 By M S. – – May 19, 2009?
The facility employs no fitness staff. All of the trainers are private
contractors so there is no one on staff for fitness questions, advice
or instruction on the equipment. This is important to those new to

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  •   seancaillouette     0   Posted 2109 days ago 

    this club sounds kind of re re to me.

  •   wolfjam     0   Posted 2109 days ago 

    I had the same problem. They ended up sending me to collection. Fuck that Club.

  •   Fleurdelisgal     0   Posted 2109 days ago 

    Who's "Stacy's" boss? Move up the food chain? Or is she the pinnacle of customer disservice?

  •   humidhaney     +1   Posted 2109 days ago 

    I will see if there is another person to talk to but this Stacy character has a bad rap:

    "Staff (in particular talked to Stacy Falcone) is rude and not professional."

    When I looked to see if I was the only one pissed about the way they do business I uncovered some very unhappy ex-clients.

  •   mhowerton     0   Posted 2109 days ago 

    I love that the out clause is a 60 mile relocation. It's totally reasonable to drive 55 miles to go to the gym. Nothing gets me more pumped for a workout than an hour commute.

  •   hotspringer     +1   Posted 2108 days ago 

    I am so glad you posted this Blake so that I know how to cancel in time. I've got my letter ready and it will go in 30 days before my anniversary date. I think I'll send it registered mail.

  •   humidhaney     0   Posted 2108 days ago 

    Some responses from Facebook about this situation:

    Jenny Ramo
    I went through this with them... I cancelled the day after i found out just so they wouldn't be able to auto-renew after my year was up. I think they were awful about Katrina, too.

    Michael Cegielski
    they did this to not so elvis as well.....years before i knew ole' i did not have a great raquetball partner so i joined there only to use it 4-5 times. i tried to cancel and they said i missed it by a month and had to pay for a whole year after i did over a year. i like the place but the policy was awful.....

    Niki Fisk
    Did the same shit to Dallon, he gave him his letter one day too late. They are really running a racket over there.

  •   Chaz     0   Posted 2096 days ago 

    How much does it cost a month? The few times I've been in there I've thought it was dirty to the point of being disgusting. It would be nice if someone would buy that place and hire someone to clean it, but it would still be in a seedy part of town.

  •   Chaz     0   Posted 2096 days ago 

    I can give you a copy of some military orders and you can photoshop.

  •   DarN     0   Posted 1937 days ago 

    let's also NOT forget that members that were women or people of color were missing from here until the 1980s!
    Get the hell out of there. Go join a university gym as a community member and support their efforts to teach.

  •   DarN     -1   Posted 1937 days ago,1422186