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POW – Oggie!

May 2nd, 2009

Oggie at rest

Spring has sprung and it’s puppy cut season!

This week’s puppy is a fine looking 5 year old Shih Tzu named Oggie.  Oggie’s mom and dad are moving so Oggie had a fabu morning at Casa Swinley.  A little pampering and styling along with a whole lot of playing with Molly. 

Oggie proves that you do not have to shave down to baldness just to cool off for the summer.  Also short cut doesn’t mean lack of style.  We kept Oggie’s silky tail long and flowing, but short enough to bounce and shimmy just like he does.  Oggie has a squared off face which shows off a little smart maturity.

Oggie ready for more play!

Groom lingo: Rocker #3 thinning rib cage/chest area.  Scissor legs, squared jaw with ears blunt to match the jaw line.

Be sure to check out more grooming pics on my Flickr stream to the right!

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