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New Orleans Bat removal and other stuff 2009

March 5th, 2009

Looks like this year is kinda slow for the bat season! A few of the local places that usually have bats (apartment complex) got them again. took care of them as usual too! Bats always seem to start arriving in new orleans about this time every year. Bats in an attic, and bats in the wall are common.
We provided a bid to remove bats from a local furniture company and I am not sure how thats going, as they probably think we are too expensive.
Thats ok by me, I would rather get paid for what teh job is worth than to get it and regret it later on. If not done properly they will have bats again in about a month and then again next year…

I removed an armadillo from mandeville last week and the dang thing got loose in my truck! Ha, I had to grab him by the tail and yank him out of some bird netting that was in a bucket. I also set some traps for squirrels and some raccoons at another job.

I probably shouldnt say this but I doubt anyone will read this and know who I am talking about. I set some raccoon traps up at this ladys house, and I must say she is the most beautiful girl I have seen in a long long time. It was really a treat to just stand there and talk to her. Sometimes life just tosses you a cookie. I love my wife and thats the only reason I was not trying to get a date – although memories of my wife were fading fast they were enough to keep me honest!
I will secretly admire her beauty, and always faithfully love my wife.

I must also say that my new site visit and evaluation forms are working out awesome!
They have reminded me to check everything during my inspection!
A better site visit and evaluation from Parker Wildlife Control is a better job – done right the first time!

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