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Sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain

January 3rd, 2010

I woke up this morning well-rested and happy to see the sun shining and to have nothing on my plate, so I spent the day taking Rhoda out for a ride around town. I was in the mood to see water, so headed to Bayou St. John and then, after putting on some music, rode around City Park and then up to Lake Pontchartrain to check out the view. It was such a perfect day to be out on the bike. I mean, look at this picture. That’s the lake with the blue sky and wispy clouds, and there’s a sailboat floating quietly in the distance. This is a flippin’ postcard. It’s days like this when I wish everyone would just take a day or two to ride around and see what they’ve got in their neighborhoods. It just feels so good. I sat there at the Lake, called my dad to tell him thanks for teaching me the pleasures of just heading out to see what happens, and then headed home. I got another flat tire on my way home, but it was all just too good to let that get to me. Especially since D. was a short phone call away, and she rescued me with her truck and dropped me at the bike shoppe for a new tube. I rode around seeing friends and then back home, a different song, happy to have bikes and this lovely city and crispy, sunny days.

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